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  • Sondra says:

    Juanita . .. enjoyed your interview on 3ABN so very much and was eager to find your station . .. . love it!!!! Just listened to Jennifer LaMountain “We Shall Behold Him”. I can see right now that when I’m at my desk, I have something beautiful that will keep me centered on the Author and Finisher of our Faith . . . Many years ago while living in Califonria, coming out of the WORLD, I happened to have the radio on in my car and heard the music and then a pastor’s voice on Good News Radio from LaSierra. Had no idea who it was [later found out it was Bob Larson] – but knew the music was from my youth and the preaching was perfect and was to be the beginning of listening to their Week of Prayer, which ultimately laid the foundation for me to find my way back to the Lord, the church, and 45 years later I’m still ‘listening’ for HIM via radio, as well as 3ABN, HOPE channel; now a 74 year old loving the Lord with my whole heart and desiring to serve Him in all that I do. I have a small prison ministery where I write women who are incarcerated and sending Amazing Facts Bible Studies. Something I can do at home and still be used. You are an inspiration and I’ve told many of your journey and now can join you even this coming week at the Campmeeting and Ron Halverson (again). I remember him as a young man just beginning his journey and my kids heard him at school for Week of Prayer. Such a big world we live in and so small when memories touch memories and can see the Lord’s leading hand. Bless your ministry and know it will bless me as I listen to your station. As Elder Richard’s used to say at the end of each program, “The Lord bless thee and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Num 6:24-26 Sondra

  • Cliff says:

    Thanks for the 3×5 card that will remind me to link to

  • Walter Jones says:

    PRAISE THE LORD ! Just discovered the internet outlet of new radio WHNJ, and am looking forward to FUTURE BLESSINGS in the days ahead. Presently only have an old simple cell phone, BUT now may be challenged to obtain an I phone so I’ll be able to hear broadcasting when away from my PC. Just heard the end of Voice of Prophecy and realize that all of us need to be in prayer that NEW programs can be forthcoming with new director/speaker Shawn Boonstra. Christian years before coming in to the entire message around a dozen years ago, after viewing 3ABN, had been exposed to great programs like Unshackled…and now see that you carry that ministry as well. Just viewed the entire 3ABN interview from this past week. Do remember as a new Adventist seeing both of you folks in an early 3ABN interview, and first hearing of A Key Encounter. Know that God has raised up another new ministry opportunity ~ after the closing a few months ago. Thanks for continuing to be used of Him, and trust we can be friends through Facebook too. Hope that donation information may be available soon too. Thankful to the Lord for raising up this ministry in the closing days before Jesus returns.

  • Joe Saladino says:

    Hi Juanita,
    Cannot hear anything when I click on listen now. Using an android device. Does that have anything to do with it? We want to listen from Tavares. Any ideas?

  • Hope and trust you found us. Adding new programming continually!

  • Laura Saladino says:

    I would very much like to share the Power to Cope program – Ron Goss with my police-man brother in PA. How can I do that? I looked it up online but the site was expired.

    Thanks, Laura

  • Rebecca says:

    I am not able to play your station. On my screen there is no white button!!

    I do hope I can access the station in the future.

  • aurora foti palumbo says:

    This radio brings joy to my heart with the variety of topics I hear…good music, and Juanitas’s voice ! Am spreading the info to others so they too can benefit…God bless you my dear friend…

  • Jack Goslee says:

    I’m love your station. I drive from three to six hours a day and try to get you on my iPhone whenever I have signal. I have been so blessed by Power to Cope, Unshackled, It Is Written, the wonderful stories and the wonderful, inspirational, uplifting music!!!

    I love all of the music, and I am especially intrigued by the Judy Hartman music. I thoroughly enjoy her pure tones and beautiful way of presenting the message of the songs she sings. I have looked online for a place to buy her music and can’t find anything at all about a singer named Judy Hartman. I

    • Thanks for your encouragement Jack. This music came to me from a friend of hers and of mine, so i’ll call our friend and see if I can find out how you can get in touch with Judy Hartman. Bless you! jk

    • God bless you Jack. So far have learned that most of Judy Hartman’s DVD or CDs are sold from concerts at churches, etc. If/when I learn the email of the person who can help you further, I’ll pass it along. Thanks for asking, and for enjoying our WHNJ programs. You are very encouraging.. Blessings! jk

  • Nivalda Oliveira Sena says:

    Excelente! Fico grata por escutar esta rádio. Que Deus lhe dê forças para continuar este lindo trabalho.

  • Nivalda Oliveira Sena says:

    Excelente! Comecei a ouvir a rádio. Deus lhe abençoe e lhe dê forças, para continuar este trabalho, Muito Grata. Nivalda

  • Thank you Juanita and staff for this beautiful “light” in the Keys! I love the music on WHNJ and will share with others about our new station. God bless you all in your ministry which is reaching even more now! “But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day…”Proverbs 4:18. NKJV

  • Lynn Hayner says:

    I found you right away on my computer and thoroughly enjoy what I’ve heard so far.
    Thank you so much. I worked for the Florida Conf. 1989-91 in Orlando. We operated a Community Service
    project there. No longer in operation, but at that time the manager was envisioning a radio station there. He had the equipment,
    but never got it off the ground. They (Conference ) may still have that stuff if you could use it.
    God bless.

  • You come in clear as a bell even here in the High Sierras.

  • Ralph Libby says:

    Just discovered your Enjoyed it greatly.


  • Ron and Linda from Grand Junction, Colorado says:

    Hi Juanita, thanks for your recent newsletter; glad to know the radio station is being such a blessing to many. The music is so uplifting. Great programing; say hi to Gene. Hope all is well with you and staff.

    • Julie La Plante says:

      Listening for the first time right now Sunday 1-5-14 8pm, Awsome Juanita,, have enjoyed all of it for the past 2 hours. Please pray for John Laplante who is driving back just now from Florida GYC with 4 others in this storm, they are 3 hours from home. Praise God for WHHJ. Julie LaPlante

  • Genevieve Clark says:

    Tuned in this morning during my worship time. Beautiful music is so uplifting! Writing from Wisconsin, USA

  • Aurora Foti says:

    So glad it comes all the way to Italy…praise God..

  • Jack Goslee says:

    Listening and loving it in central Arkansas!!

  • I don’t have tv and keep the house quiet most of the time. When I want to listen to something, I enjoy WHNJ. The music is uplifting and the programs keep me focused on God and heaven. Thank you for your ministry.

  • Anthony says:

    It’s awesome!! i’m listening from Staten Island N.Y.C…Blessings!

  • Carol Courtney says:

    I’m so glad that you sent me this link to your station. I am now listening to a second song. It is one of my favorites as well as the first one was. I have sang both songs myself for special music more than once. We must have the same taste of music – songs that praise God and lifts one up to Him. May God bless you, your ministry, and your future endeavors.

    • Am loving reading these response. Will include some in the newsletter am writing. Hoping people are continuing to pray. . . Only God can give the blessing needed by all of us. He is so awesome, and so willing. Can’t help but love Him, right?

  • Carolyn says:

    Listening in Virginia and appreciating this music on Sabbath evening!–Thank you!

  • Danielle Deban says:

    I can get it clearly from my ipad! Here in Italy

  • Michel Macé says:

    Listening from the Philippines. Excellent, Juanita. Blessings to you.

  • Wow I have been blessed. I found it after you posted it on Face book. The programing is awesome and I have had it on my computer all day . I have been under the weather for awhile and it has given me inspiration and hope. Have been feeling discouraged about health issues but this is so comforting at this time. Even though you had to give up the Encounter I feel you are touching more and are giving part of your dream to us by us listening. Oh I have it on my I phone. I got it fist there and knew I’d run my battery down so found it on the computer today. God bless you. We were so blessed when we visited there several years ago and glad we saw the Encounter before it closed. Thank you for thinking about this station. .Judy and Larry Farley.

  • tori kamppi says:

    Still trying to listen … ???

  • tori kamppi says:

    Trying to get on … PTL! Congrats!

  • Lynelle Smith says:

    This is wonderful! Am listening from Yonkers, New York. It is clear as a bell!

  • Jay says:

    Nice to have you live in central California

  • Helen Moyer says:

    Beautiful, and I thank all of you who have been putting so much time in this to make everyday life easier and sweeter. I am located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, live alone, and appreciate a radio station that gives me a lift anytime of the day I want it.
    Thank you, Juanita, Gene, Les, Tami, Andre and all others I do not know. May God bless you all and this wonderful resource for getting Jesus out to the world.

  • Lana says:

    I clicked on listen but nothing happened?
    I have an android phone

  • Ardis Smith says:

    Very interesting, may God bless tis new ministery you have taken on.

  • Renee Zaharie says:

    Trying to listen to this radio station.

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